Innovative Gas Solutions

Do you have gas and nowhere for it to go? Let us Help!

Our cutting-edge technology converts that gas into clean, usable grid power using newly patented UL Certified grid tie-in technology!

Whether you are in Oil & Gas, Municipal Landfill or Waste Water Facilities industry, if you have gas ranging from 20mcf/day to 1.5mmcf/day call us! We can help.

About Innoverse

A New Alternative for Gas volumes <1.5mmcf/day

Innoverse is a multi-faceted company focused on gas to power conversion in industries such as Oil & Gas and municipalities: Landfills and Waste Water Facility plants. Innoverse creates value to these industries by eliminating problematic gas and creating long-term value at no upfront cost to the customer.


We are Committed to Ensure Proper Safety Measures.

Safety is a core value without exception for all Innoverse Technologies employees and contractors supporting our activities.

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