Got Gas?

Do you have gas that is stranded, flared, vented?
Let Innoverse Tech help create long-term value with your gas!
Innoverse Tech creates value with gas volumes ranging as low as 20 mcf up to 1mmcf per day.

Whether you are in the O&G, landfill or waste water facility business, we can help.

Innovative Solutions for Routine Gas Flaring

Our cutting-edge technology converts flare gas into clean, usable grid power, all while making the environment a cleaner place.

About Innoverse

A New Alternative to Natural Gas Flaring

Innoverse is a multi-faceted Oil and Gas company focused on flare conversion. Utilizing cutting-edge patented technologies to mitigate 100% of flare gas while converting the gas into usable and grid-friendly electricity to power on-site production equipment.

With its unprecedented technology, Innoverse provides value to the Oil and Gas industry and to the environment by eliminating problematic flare gas on Oil and Gas locations.

Flare Alternative

Turning “Go Green” From a Slogan, to a Reality.

Innoverse provides a technology-based solution to the harmful burning of natural gas around the globe, which releases chemicals like carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, heavy metals, and soot into the atmosphere.


We are Committed to Ensure Proper Safety Measures.

Safety is a core value without exception for all Innoverse Technologies employees and contractors supporting our activities.

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