Without exception, Safety is a core value for all Innoverse Technologies employees and contractors supporting our activities. Innoverse Technologies conducts training for all our employees which includes PEC Safeland and H2S Clear so that our employees take personal responsibility to understand and to remain committed to a safe working environment. It is our pledge to utilize and apply appropriate measures in our effort to achieve and maintain a leading position in safe operations.

Safety Initiatives

Innoverse Tech will provide around the clock monitoring and service all equipment to minimize any potential downtime. Technicians will remotely monitor each site, as well as conduct weekly field visits to each site.
iScout Safety Management Platform
Streamlining the reporting and training for all employees, including management. This initiative allows our customers to be included in the reporting process.
Fostering a strong EHS Culture
With our Short Service Employee Program, we are able to empower our team members to uphold our commitment to personal and environmental safety.
Continuous Improvement
Our team strives to find new ways to modify and improve our Environmental Health Safety performance, individually and as an organization.
We are devoted to maintaining the environment in which it works. This means strict adherence to environmental compliance regulations, as well as supporting local communities. Our goal is to lead the way in emissions control in the oil and gas industry, specifically mitigating the release of natural gas into the environment.

EHS Policy

Our commitment is to conduct business not only in accordance with all applicable legal requirements but also in a manner that respects the health and safety of the personnel and the environmental health of the communities in which it operates. Our success is built by achieving our goals of Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) operational excellence, paired with positive financial performance.

We apply systems and procedures to ensure compliance with our EHS programs and guiding principles through visible and active leadership.

Let’s Discuss How We Can Help

We are passionate about what we do and look forward to sharing our knowledge with you to end routine gas flaring.