About Innoverse

Who We Are

Innoverse was created to find a cost-effective, viable, and environmentally friendly solution to convert value-less gas to gas with value across all industries. With our unprecedented, newly patented technology, Innoverse is NOT just a generator application oftentimes seen in the past with little to no success. Utilizing cutting-edge patented technologies, IT converts gas that is either stranded, flared or vented, into clean, usable AC electricity and then exports it to the grid for monetary compensation.
History Technology Service

Our History

How We Got Started

With over 50 years of combined industry experience, our leadership team continues to place technology at the forefront of our business operations. We understand that supporting our industries, while making an environmental impact is possible, and our ultimate goal was to fulfill that mission. This mindset was the true catalyst and the birth of Innoverse Technologies, resulting in a technology that will change the world.

Patented Gas Conversion Process

Our Approach

As industries move toward a more environmentally conscious approach, the issues associated with waste gas such as flaring and venting stranded gas have been brought to the forefront and Innoverse Technologies has been working diligently to provide a new solution that adds value.


We Are Here For You

Our highly skilled technicians will provide around-the-clock monitoring and service to all equipment which minimizes any potential downtime. Technicians will remotely monitor each site, and conduct weekly field visits to each site.

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