Flare Alternative

A staggering amount of natural gas is flared annually in the United States, more than 497 billion cubic feet to be exact. This is equivalent to over a million homes’ worth of energy supply going up in smoke. Flaring natural gas is not only wasteful it can lead to harmful emissions such as NOx, CO, and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). Not only that, the geographical view impacts from flames and smoke trails, draws increasing levels of concern from the public and industry regulators.
The need for a better solution to Natural and Methane Gas Flaring has driven research initiatives from industry-leading companies around the world. While efforts to contain cost and maximize efficiency have been proven difficult for other companies, Innoverse has proven that achieving both is possible.

Customized Modular Solutions

Our team will deploy modular units, and the number of units will be dictated by flare gas volumes per site. Base units can be further customized in the field to meet changing site or customer requirements. Our team understands that scalability and internal controls will be a key component to the success of Innoverse Technologies and is our motivation to source our necessary components internally to assist in build-outs and technological development. We pride ourselves on the ability to be fluid and flexible when called, which will help us to scale quickly and efficiently.

Reduction of Emissions

With a focus on being environmentally-friendly, and not just environmentally compliant, Innoverse’s unique technology reduces significant emissions of Flare Gas Waste.

Regulatory Benefits

Innoverse Technologies aligns with many companies and their goal to reduce or erase their emissions by using state-of-the-art methane capture technology. Our units are easy to scale and have the ability to perform in many different applications. Our technology is aligned across the globe in the desire to eliminate flare gas in the atmosphere. Not only do we use technology to capture emissions, but we also repurpose this gas into viable energy.

Easy Service Model

Our technicians provide around-the-clock monitoring and service all equipment to minimize any potential downtime. Highly skilled technicians will remotely monitor each site and conduct weekly field visits to each site.

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