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Landfill Flaring Alternative

In the United States, Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) landfills are responsible for around 14.5 percent of human-related methane emissions, making them the third-largest source of these emissions. The amount of methane emitted by MSW landfills in 2020 was comparable to the greenhouse gas emissions produced by about 20.3 million passenger vehicles driven for one year or the carbon dioxide emissions from energy usage in nearly 11.9 million homes for one year.

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Our History

Where we come from

Our leadership team has over 50 years of collective industry experience and is committed to making technology the centerpiece of our business operations. We firmly believe that it’s possible to support our industries while simultaneously having a positive environmental impact, and that belief inspired us to establish Innoverse Technologies. Our goal was to develop a technology that could bring about real change in the world, and this mindset was the driving force behind the creation of Innoverse Technologies.

We are working to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by converting landfill waste into usable and grid-friendly electricity, thus helping to clean up the air one landfill at a time while simultaneously providing an eco-friendly, sustainable solution for the waste disposal industry.


From Waste to Energy: Innovative Solution for Flare Gas

We have developed a proprietary flare mitigation and gas recapture technology that converts waste gas from landfill operations into usable electricity. The technology uses micro-scale liquefaction to turn gas into a liquid, which is then used to generate power through our patented generators. We have a control system that adjusts to changing environmental conditions. This approach reduces greenhouse gas emissions, creates a valuable energy source, and offers an eco-friendly solution for municpal waste and landfill industry.


Make a difference

By demonstrating a commitment to sustainability and eco-friendliness, municipalities that partner with Innoverse can enhance their reputation as responsible, forward-thinking organizations that are taking proactive steps to address environmental concerns.


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To minimize equipment downtime, our team of expert technicians will provide continuous monitoring and service 24/7. This involves remote monitoring of each site and conducting field visits to ensure that everything is running smoothly.



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